100% natural


A spicy and deliciously scented spice paste for Roedjak. A bit sweeter and spicier in taste than, for example, the Paniki spice paste.

This spice paste is perfect to use for vegetarian or even vegan dishes; it gives vegetables and ,for example, tofu a wonderful rich taste.

Our favorite vegetarian Roedjak recipes are roasted cauliflower from the oven, marinated tofu or the classic gado gado!


Water, KEMIRI NUTS, palm sugar, garlic, onion, laos, salt, koenjit (kurkuma), chili pepper, Daun Salam (Indonesian laurel), natural vinegar, rapeseed oil, ketoembar, tamarind, thickener: xanthan gum.


Consume immediately after opening.

Allergy information:

Contains: contains nuts.

Nutritional values:

  • Energy: 866 kJ / 208 kcal
  • Fat: 10.7 g
  • ┬áSaturated Fats: 0.9g
  • Carbohydrates: 25.5 g
  • Carbohydrates from Sugars: 14.2g
  • Proteins: 4g
  • Salt: 4.5 g

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