Vegetarian? Replace the meat for tofu

main dish, 20min

Nasi Goreng

“Nasi” which means cooked rice and “goreng” which means fried makes this dish a real classic in Indonesian cuisine. With the help of Samasaya you can make this dish easy at your own kitchen.

Shopping list

for 3 – 4 people


  • Samasaya spice paste for Nasi Goreng : 1
  • Chicken or tofu : 250 gr
  • Pandan rice : 250 gr
  • Nasi vegetables : 400 gr
  • Frozen garden peas : 100 gr
  • Eggs : 2
  • Soy sauce : 1 el
  • Samsaya Soy sauce Manis : 1 el
  • Oil : 2 l



Take a drink and relax, we are going to cook delicious Indonesian cuisine.


Step 1: Cook the rice according to the instructions and let cool. Cut the meat / tofu into small cubes.


Step 2: Heat 1 tbsp of oil in the wok and stir-fry the eggs. Scoop out of the pan and set aside.


Step 3: Heat the remaining oil in the wok and fry the sliced meat / until tender. Add the Nasi Goreng spice paste and the Nasi vegetables and stir-fry again for 3 minutes.


Step 4: Add the eggs to the wok and mix with the vegetables.


Step 5: Add the cooled rice, soy sauce and soy sauce and mix well.


Selamat Makan! (Enjoy your meal!)